Overland Park among least-stressed cities, says WalletHub

With workplace-related stress alone costing society more than $300 billion per year, the personal-finance website WalletHub on Monday released its report on 2019’s Most & Least Stressed Cities in America. A Kansas community was on the good side of the list…

“Overland Park did pretty well here,” said analyst Jill Gonzalez. “We looked at a lot of different cities here of varying sizes, about 180 overall. Overland Park ranked 179th.”

The kinds of stress WalletHub looked at ran the gamut.

“Work stress, financial stress, family, health and safety related stress, Overland Park did well really across the board,” said Gonzalez. “They have less to worry about when we’re looking at the big picture particularly when it comes to health and when it comes to financial related stress.”

The bottom ten cities in the survey have five from the nation’s midsection and three from California. Only one of the least stressed cities was east of the Mississippi.

“This is where we tend to see very low poverty rates, more affordable housing, low divorce rates, a low percent of adults in poor health,” said Gonzalez. “All of those things come together to make for a less stressful environment.”

South Burlington, Vermont, has the lowest unemployment rate, 1.70 percent, which is the reason it is the only city east of the Mississippi in the least stressed list.