Overland Park is Best for Over 50, Survey Says

GOBankingRates identified places in the U.S. where people nearing the end of their careers can still find jobs at a decent rate. A Kansas community is the best.

“Overland Park, Kansas actually finished at the very top of our rankings,” said Rob Poindexter with GOBankingRates. “This study was interesting. We used a lot of metrics to get to the bottom of this. It was triggered by a recent survey we did that showed 69% of the folks that we surveyed have less than $1000 in their savings. That means people are more than likely going to have to be working longer.”

Overland Park was strong in all aspects GOBankingRates looked at.

“We used unemployment rates for that particular age group,” said Poindexter. “Then, we also factored in cost of living, as well as what’s called livability, which is crime rates and things of that nature. Overland Park didn’t necessarily finish at the top of any one of those individual rankings, but they did very, very well.”

The median household income in Overland Park is $78,217.

“You’re in the job market a lot longer,” said Poindexter. “We were trying to find different cities that help people out, in terms of finding cities where they would be more comfortable, the cost of living
would be low and there were jobs available for folks in that age group.”

Just over a third of Overland Park residents are over 50.