Parents with a voice in the statehouse came together on Tuesday in a press event to urge the 2019 Legislature to stay the course on school funding.

“We are confident that our schools are finally beginning to move ahead again in ways that we have not seen since the 2006 Montoy resolution and in ways that will pay off for the children in our schools today,” said Game On for Kansas Schools Judith Deedy in a joint statement. “We are united and stand here today to encourage officials to work in a bipartisan manner to respond to the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision.”

The group agrees that there is a clear path forward regarding the issue.

“Provide the funding that address the inflation factor as noted by the court,” Deedy said. “We ask that the Legislature adopt the amount recommended by the Kansas State Board of Education back in July. We believe that the dollars necessary are reasonable and available with the enhanced revenue picture the state has been experiencing since passing tax reform measures in 2017.”

The group wants to see the formula left intact, and also the Constitutional framework based in Article VI.

“We are grateful for the protections this deliberate and thoughtful language provides for our children’s future and that of our state,” Deedy said. “We oppose a Constitutional amendment and firmly believe that no good would come of any changes.”

The groups want to see legislators tackle the issue early in the session so that school districts can plan before their budgets are due.