Parents Suing Over Masks in Schools

The families of 16 students sued two Johnson County school districts, arguing their children should be allowed to attend school during the pandemic without wearing masks.

The Kansas City Star reports that the lawsuit against the Blue Valley and Olathe school districts argues students should be granted individual exemptions to mask mandates.

The parents say masks are interfering with their children’s ability to learn.

Districts offer medical exemptions, generally for students with special needs or disabilities.

Two parents already have medical exemptions, but are suing to seek reimbursement for the costs to obtain them.

The Legislature passed a bill that allows parents to fight COVID-19 restrictions.

District officials have argued that the mandates cannot be repealed under the new law because they were enacted last summer.

The law requires individuals to contest them within 30 days.

The lawsuit alleges the districts violated the equal protection clause under the U.S. Constitution.