Passport Delays Causing Travel Problems

Thinking of an overseas vacation?

Be sure to allow lots of time for getting your passport.

Slowdowns in issuing passports, combined with changing rules in other countries might cause travel problems for you.

A significant increase in the time it is taking the U.S. State Department to process passports is forcing many travelers to postpone previously booked vacations.

At this time, the State Department says passport application is taking more than four months.

“Expedited” service may only shorten the wait to three months.

AAA travel advisors say passport processing times are three times as long as the average wait time prior to the pandemic.

The State Department website indicates the dramatic delays are the result of COVID-related issues and high demand.

The passport delay issue is not just affecting those applying for new passports, or renewing passports set to expire.

Many countries now require the passport expiration date to be at least six months after the date of return travel, so anyone planning travel through 2022 is strongly urged to begin the passport renewal process now.