People are talking about how much they make and taking it to their bosses, says Robert Half

How much money you make used to be a private matter, but that’s not that true any more.

“Most younger workers are talking more frequently about their salary,” said Robert Half’s Amy Thomas. “About 67 percent of workers between the ages of 18 and 34 have discussed salary. Nearly everyone has discussed salary at one point in time with their coworkers, which we don’t necessarily recommend, but it happens.”

These conversations can make it difficult for business leaders to keep employees happy.

“Now that people are talking about it more frequently, people are taking it to their bosses, more than they have ever before,” said Thomas. “If you are an employee and you find information out and you’re going to approach your manager, what you need to do is not to be emotional about it and ensure that you have factual information about your own personal performance.”

It’s not just about what your employer pays, though. It’s about what your skillset can pay in the marketplace.

“Workers have access to information about their salaries now more than ever,” said Thomas. “Whether it be online tools or a salary guide like Robert Half provides. It’s important that they’re researching in advance, both the employee and the employer, so they can stay up to date.”

Nearly half of professionals surveyed by Robert Half feel underpaid.