Phone Dialing Procedure Changing

No matter if you use a cell phone or landline, there’s a change in how you dial numbers coming soon.

Last July, the Federal Communications Commission approved 988 as the new abbreviated number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

As a result, any area code that uses the 988 prefix in phone numbers is mandated by the FCC to adopt 10-digit dialing.

That includes Kansas area codes 785 and 620, which cover the majority of the state.

To get used to using 10-digit dialing, a practice period has been established.

Callers are encouraged to use 10-digit calling starting this Saturday.

Any calls dialed with 7-digits will still go through during the practice period.

Beginning October 24th, callers in 785 and 620 area codes must use 10-digit dialing, or the call will not go through.

The only exceptions are any three digit abbreviated numbers available in the community, such as 911.