Picturesque Flint Hills Ranch Offers Unique Getaway To Rural Lifestyle, Elaborately Diverse Horse Facilities

Words are inadequate to sufficiently appreciate the immaculate beauty, complexity, horsiness, even Godliness of the 2UW Brush Creek Ranch.
Perhaps Mary Ubel’s commentary gives inkling: “If God created anything more beautiful than a horse he kept it for himself.”
But “No,” the historic picturesque Flint Hills ranch development for horses and people welcomes all from throughout the world.
Concise as likely possible, entrepreneur developer, horsewoman, promoter-elite Mary Ubel explained.
“2UW Brush Creek Ranch near Westmoreland is Kansas’ only century-old ranch remaining in operation by the original family,” she said. “Strongly faith based, the Pottawatomie County ranch continues to thrive under the watchful eyes of my mother Barbara and me.
“With Flint Hills and pasture lake overlooking, our private facility offers personal apartments and lodging with horses nearby,” Mary continued. “Indoor and outdoor arenas accompanying detailed equine facilities provide for horse boarding, lessons, training, and 24-hour professional equine care.”
Natural beauty glows in the drone-produced video musically accompanied by personal family friend Rex Allen Junior’s “Where Are The Heroes?”
Brainchild for the elaborate layout followed Mary’s development of a couple nearby horse facilities.
“My mother and I have always been involved in training and showing horses,” she said. “With the ranch in our family 150 years, the idea for such a facility started coming together 10 years ago.
“Plans began with three living-quarters lofts above horse stalls and has grown to 13 residencies with horses nearby,” Mary continued. “Investment was major so it took time to get the financial backing which has been required.”
Exact layout details are actually quite complex. Indoor horse stalls, runs. paddocks, cohabiting corrals and even over-sized 15-feet-by-34-feet stalls provide adequate diverse equine housing. More than 380 acres on the ranch are perfect for riding relaxation,
People in all walks of life from throughout the country come to live in the unique executive living quarters at the ranch. “We have guests who stay overnight, sometimes several weeks, and one resident has lived here six years,” Mary noted.
Barbara Ubel has more than 70 years training and successfully showing English and Western in addition to livestock nutrition work.
“When she was 13-years-old Mom won the American Royal on the horse Gang Buster,” Mary said. ”With her grit and tenacity, Mom was sought after by movie stars to personally care for their performance horses.”
Among those were Casey Tibbs, Marty Robbins and Roy Rogers. She has continued friendships with western entertainers like Rex Allen Jr., Johnny Western, and Pedro Gonzales Gonzales.
Barbara relocated to Wamego to manage and operate an area ranch. She married military veteran and local rancher Walter C. Ubel, Mary’s dad who passed away in 1990.
The 2UW ranch name prefix is derived from Walter Ubel and Barbara Ubel. “Dad is buried by the pasture lake overlooking the newly developed facilities,” Mary noted.
Mary has extensive horse experiences training, grooming and coaching with bachelor and master media degrees from Manhattan’s Kansas State University. She also served for the country’s freedom, like her dad, by being in the Air Force during Desert Storm.
“We maintain an outstanding reputation in equine and client care with top of the line staff and trained coaches.” Mary clarified. “The 2UW has been built on solid years of community, lifelong relationships and faith.”
Specifically, she pointed out close work with Al Dunning, Jade Keller, Dean Smith and Joe Amman the ranches resident trainer. “I communicate regularly with Al Dunning for improving training techniques and management,” Mary credited.
Joe Ammann grew up on a South Dakota ranch riding two-year-olds for his father at the age of nine. “He loved training and when 15-years-old decided cutting horses would be his future,” Mary related. “While at Bill McNeil’s facility, Joe asked Bill how much cutting horse discipline lessons would cost.
“Bill offered Joe a horse named Reckless Rose to train while Bill provided lessons to Joe free,” Mary continued. “It was at this point that Joe began his cutting horse career having trained horses winning more than $1 million.”
Ammann has experience working with other top trainers including Ronnie Rice, Larry Reeder and Bill James.
“Clare Haag is a blessing here at 2UW Brush Creek Ranch,” Mary pointed out. “Her love for horse training and exceptional horsemanship skills make Clare a tremendous asset to our services.”
“I have always had a deep passion for working with horses mainly starting young horses,” Clare said. “I joined the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) in English and Western horsemanship.”
A determined competitor, Clare qualified for regional English events and tied for highest scoring national crossover rider in Western and English.
“Clare works with horses and riders of all levels with training programs start to finish,” Mary credited. “We offer horse training for all horses of all ages and skill levels even troubled horses. Basic, beginner and advanced riders are welcome. Every lesson is based on good horsemanship.”
A Mustang Makeover Program is part of the ranch effort with Clare training, riding and helping adopt mustangs.
Mary assisted Kansas State University students’ vision to develop the first K-State Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Team in 2014. Mary and Clare now jointly coach horsemanship and reining for the KSU Wildcat Western and English Equestrian Teams.
“This student organization provides an opportunity for fulltime dedicated students to ride and compete while attending college,” Mary said. “During training and practices, students are able to develop their horsemanship skills while learning horse management, knowledge, and athleticism.”
IHSA promotes competition for all skill level riders competing individually and as teams at regional, zone and national events.
“I want to pass on my knowledge and love of horses to others as other trainers have to me,” Clare added.
“Take your experience one step closer by living on the ranch in our beautiful executive apartment lofts. They have all the wonderful amenities that you would expect,” Mary invited. “You can live with your horse, which is the ultimate for a horse lover. Or rent a loft, even if you do not have a horse.
“We are a safe and private facility. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail provided by our wonderful staff,” Mary reiterated. “Our premier stables are cleaned three times a day and we check on all our boarded horses throughout the day.”
Nearly two dozen full-time, part-time and temporary workers provide service around the clock.
Amenities include automatic heated water, lope track, electric walker, indoor wash racks, and English jumping area.
While 2UW Brush Creek Ranch doesn’t host club horseshows, facilities are rented for weddings, retreats, meetings, receptions and banquets.
“We are a professional event planner and have a chef and caterer available with 30 years’ experience,” Mary said.
Information is at and or can be obtained by calling 785-340-2297 or email [email protected].

Mary and Barbara Ubel own and  manage the most diverse 2UW Brush Creek Ranch near Westmoreland. The ranch which has been in the family for more than a century offers unique horse facilities for boarding, training and lessons as well as unique personal living lofts. Renowned cutting horse exhibitor Joe Ammann is now head trainer at the ranch.