Policy needs to work for all size school districts, legislator says

As policy issues on K12 Education are still being worked out in committee, a Western Kansas legislator wants to be sure that practicalities are also part of the final product.

“We need to work in concert with the State Board of Ed and make sure that they’re part of that discussion and part of the decision, as well,” said Republican Don Hineman of Dighton. “They’re a Constitutionally authorized board.”

It’s important that anything that is implemented can work in both large and small school districts.

“They need to be accountable, but let’s make sure that legislation that we pass isn’t a burden on them,” said Hineman. “I’m thinking of school districts out where I live that are small enough that there’s one clerk at the Board of Education. If we dump a massive new workload on that individual, is there enough time in the day for her to get all that work done?”

The House does not have a passed position on the funding piece, so right now, all they can solidly negotiate on is policy. Hineman hopes they can come together soon so that adjournment can happen on time on Friday.