Population Shifts Show Legislature Shuffle Ahead

Population shifts left Kansas legislators in four urban areas with too many people in their districts and lawmakers from most rural areas with too few, according to new figures from the Legislature’s research staff.

The numbers showed that 22 of 40 Senate districts and 78 of 125 House districts have too little population after the past 10 years.

The figures show that four Senate districts exceed the ideal population of 73,447 residents by more than 10%.

Two are in Johnson County, one is in Lawrence, and the other is in Manhattan.

Sixteen House districts had at least 10% more residents than the ideal population of 23,503.

Seven districts are in Johnson County, two are in Kansas City Kansas, and one is split between Johnson and Leavenworth counties.

Two more of the districts each are in Lawrence, Manhattan, and the Wichita area.