The Kansas Center for Economic Growth says that in November, Kansas voters rejected destructive budget and tax policy. Emily Fetsch, Director of Policy and Research, praised Democratic Governor Laura Kelly’s plan.

“With her background in the budget, she understands the disinvestment that has happened over the past eight years,” said Fetsch. “She has a good understanding of how budget works. I think her budget really shows the recognition for increased reinvestment to repair the damage that’s been done.”

“Funding public education, addressing the foster care crisis and expanding KanCare are all things that we know will help with children and families,” said Fetsch. “Continuing to bolster the Children’s Health Insurance Program, ending cuts that have been made to the Children’s Initiative Fund, all of those programs are really going to continue to make good investments in helping Kansas children thrive.”

The Governor’s budget proposal would also follow the statute that requires a 7.5 percent ending balance.

“Having a healthy end balance is really important,” said Fetsch. “Particularly, in an event of another economic downturn, that we have a little cushioning is definitely a good thing.”

Little of this spending is glamorous or exciting, but KCEG sees it as necessary to begin the recovering process.

Photo courtesy: KCEG