President Biden Nominates Elaine Trevino as Chief Agricultural Negotiator at USTR

President Biden announced on Monday that he has nominated Elaine Trevino as Chief Agricultural Negotiator at the United State Trade Representative.  Trevino currently serves as President and CEO of the Almond Alliance of California, a member-based trade association that advocates on regulatory and legislative issues in areas of international trade, food safety, water quality and availability, crop protection, air quality, worker safety, supply chain and feed quality.

Trevino served as a Deputy Secretary at the California Department of Food and Agriculture for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Governor Gray Davis.  She was responsible for the oversight of the international export and trade programs, specialty crop block grant funding, division of marketing services, plant health and pest prevention and the statewide county fair network. Elaine serves on USDA’s Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee.

Reaction has been positive by some Agriculture groups and organizations:

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented on the nomination of Elaine Trevino for chief agricultural trade negotiator at the United States Trade Representative.

“AFBF is encouraged by President Biden’s nomination of Elaine Trevino as chief agricultural trade negotiator. Her strong roots in agriculture and her experience in America’s largest exporting state have prepared her for the challenges of representing the nation on trade issues.

“Opportunities to create new trade agreements with the European Union and Great Britain as well as expanding the China Phase 1 agreement make filling this position with the most qualified person extremely important. We look forward to working with Ms. Trevino to help ensure a level playing field and to create new avenues for farmers and ranchers to feed the world.”


The North American Meat Institute applauds President Joe Biden’s nomination of Elaine Trevino to serve as the Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

“As the president of the Almond Alliance of California, Elaine Trevino has experience fighting for trade policies and agreements that are also important to the meat and poultry industry. Recently Elaine has been outspoken on the need to address the crisis at our ports and has worked closely with the Meat Institute to develop policies that promote U.S. agriculture trade, including trade in meat and poultry products,” said Julie Anna Potts President and CEO of the Meat Institute. “If confirmed, she will be a strong advocate for all of U.S. agriculture.”

The Chief Agricultural Negotiator is responsible for conducting and overseeing international negotiations related to trade in agricultural products.


Other nominations announced by the President on Monday included nominations for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. It included Rostin Behnam, who has been a CFTC Commissioner since 2017 and serves as Acting Chairman since the start of 2021. He was nominated to remain as a commissioner and chairman. Kristin N. Johnson was also nominated to be a CFTC Commissioner. She is the Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law at Emory University School of Law. Christy Goldsmith Romero was the third person nominated to be CFTC Commissioner. She is the Special Inspector General for the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program