Prison Escapee: Nine Hours Out, Eleven More Years In

A 32-year-old man who escaped the Lansing Correctional Facility for about nine hours has been sentenced to nearly 11 more years in prison.

Dustin Frank Robinson escaped from the prison in 2019 by climbing over a 20-foot fence that had two sections of barbed wire, Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson said in a news release.

He cut himself on the barbed wire, and called 911 after feeling “woozy” from the cut, KCTV reported.

His original prison sentence was nearly eleven years for aggravated assault, fleeing police, robbery, and DUI out of Shawnee County.

“Escapes can be very scary for a community, and causes a lot of resources to be used to apprehend the person,” Thompson said.

“We need to continue to send a message that those who try and escape will face serious consequences.”