Professional Cowboy Steps Out Coordinating Spectacular Bull Riding Event At Burlingame

Labors of love accompanied by passion have incorporated in tedious dedicated coordination of a special bull riding event this weekend.

The Devin Hutchinson Invitational Sunflower State Chute Out fast approaching as entries come in from afar.

Devin Hutchinson shows bull riding form encouragement to young riders and all competitors. The Emporia cowboy is hosting the Devin Hutchinson Invitational Sunflower State Chute Out bull riding event Saturday evening, Oct. 26, at Burlingame.

“It sure looks to go beyond our grandest expectation with the caliber of contestants, livestock and spectator interest.”

PBR Professional Bull Rider Devin Hutchinson of Emporia has gone above and beyond to create an amazing show at Burlingame.

“We’re pleased with the community and saddle club cooperation for the bull riding Saturday evening, October 26th,” Hutchinson acknowledged.

Gates open to the arena grounds at 5:45 as spectators are welcome to arrive. “They can see the cowboys, bulls, contractors and enjoy the Western atmosphere,” the enthusiastic promoter welcomed.

Competition with 30 contestants matching skills on bulls from contractors from throughout the Midwest begins at 7 o’clock. Top riders in the long go-round qualify to come back for a second bull in the short go-round.

“Certainly the caliber of bucking bulls will be a challenge for these riders,” Hutchinson promised. “Our event was especially developed for beginning cowboys to match their skills. Yet, we also have several seasoned bull riders lined up for the large prize money offered.”

A family affair for everybody with a love for rodeo, the outdoors and looking for exciting entertainment has been welcomed.

Freestyle bullfighting is to be featured along with convict poker. “Both of those features promise excitement for young and old,” Hutchinson declared.

“In convict poker, four people will be playing cards at a table in the arena when a mad bull is released. Whoever stays the longest will win a set of tickets to the PBR World Finals.”

“The bull team competition will allow rodeo livestock contractors to bring three bulls,” Hutchinson explained. “That’ll be two bulls in the long go-round and one in the short-go.” 

Information is available by calling 620-481-1422, which is also the number for making entries which are open now. 

Children five and under are to be admitted free, while those 12 and under will have a reduced admission cost.

“Come join us Saturday evening, October 26, at Burlingame as I’ve invited some of the top bull riders,” Hutchinson declared. “They’ll be here from around the area, nation and world to battle it out at the Sunflower State Chute Out. Hope to see you there.”