Prosecutors Argue For No Diversion For Lawmaker

Prosecutors argued that a 21-year-old state lawmaker who is charged with domestic battery in a disturbance involving his brother is no longer eligible for diversion.

Johnson County Assistant District Attorney Samantha Shannon said that the issue is that a warrant was issued for Aaron Coleman after a motion to revoke his bond was filed in the wake of his arrest late last month on suspicion of drunken driving.

Coleman’s attorney, David Bell, said that he didn’t know what had changed to prevent diversion.

Magistrate Judge James Phelan set a hearing for January 7th to consider the issue, and hear the results of a mental health evaluation that he previously ordered.

Phelan said Coleman could remain free on bond.

The affidavit in the domestic battery case said that the Kansas City, Kansas, Democrat pushed and hit his 18-year-old brother in an October 30th fight.

Several lawmakers have called for Coleman to resign, but no formal action has been taken yet.