Puppy Decapitated in Parsons

Parsons police said someone beheaded a 3-month-old puppy that belonged to one of their officers in what they called a “targeted attack.”

The officer reported last Friday that she let the German shepherd puppy, named Ranger, out into a fenced yard about 7 in the morning, and found the puppy in the yard with its head severed about 2 in the afternoon.

Officers believe the dog was taken to another location and killed, and then returned to the officer’s yard.

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks called the suspect or suspects cowards.

The perpetrators could face felony animal cruelty and trespassing charges.

The Parsons Police Department was offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Due to an outpouring of donations by the public, the reward was raised to $3,000.

Spinks said, “The amount of support that the Parsons Police Department has received over the weekend is astonishing and in fact humbling.”