Push To End Extra $300 Unemployment Hits Speed Bump

The push by Republicans to end the $300 dollar per week additional federal unemployment payment in Kansas reached a peak this week with a letter signed by 200 groups calling on the governor to eliminate the benefit. But there was a problem: leaders of some of those groups say they never agreed to sign the letter.

The Kansas News Service reports that Republicans and business groups argue the larger unemployment payments are keeping workers at home and making it harder to fill jobs.

Twenty-two states have announced they’ll end federal benefits by early July.

The attempt to convince Kelly to drop the benefits early ran into an unforced error when it was revealed a letter signed by nearly 200 groups included organizations that had unwittingly been added by lower-level employees.

Those groups included a local library and the Greater Wichita YMCA.

Kelly has said that she is studying the issue, and hasn’t made a final decision.