Raw Sewage Dumped into Lake Sherwood

The Shawnee County Department of Public Works is advising residents to avoid Lake Sherwood’s southeast cove located between SW Aylesbury Road and SW Chelmsford Road.

Late yesterday afternoon, a sanitary sewer pump station located between 3901 and 3921 SW Chelmsford malfunctioned, causing the collection system on the west side of the cove to fill.

Ultimately a number of manholes located between 6736 and 6712 SW Aylesbury Road filled, spilled over and discharged into the lake.

The discharges were of an unknown but small volume.

Samples of the lake are being collected.

The pump station has been repaired and is now operational.

As a precaution residents as well as pets are advised to avoid contact with the cove until further notice, pending test results.

The Kansas Department of Health & Environment has been notified.

The pump station that failed is being replaced as part of a series of upcoming projects within the Lake Sherwood Sanitary Sewer Treatment System which are being funded by a $7,000,000 KDHE loan.

The loan repayments will be paid for over the next 20 years by users of the Sherwood Treatment System.