Record Says Unsecured Gun Found in Secretary of State’s Office Following Kobach’s Exit

Kris Kobach’s successor as Kansas secretary of state says his staff found an unsecured gun in a file cabinet after taking over the office.

The discovery of the .45-caliber pistol in January was mentioned in a timeline that Secretary of State Scott Schwab’s aides produced as they investigated how 1,000 rounds of ammunition purchased during Kobach’s tenure went missing. The Wichita Eagle reports that it obtained the document through an open records request.

Kobach had a staff member, then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Craig McCullah, receive law enforcement training and the timeline shows McCullah was reimbursed for his March 2016 purchase of a gun and ammunition. McCullah later said he used 782 rounds of ammunition in training and returned the remaining rounds after being contacted by the FBI about them.

Schwab spokeswoman Katie Koupal said the gun was immediately turned over to Capitol Police. A Kobach spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday. Both Schwab and Kobach are Republicans.

Kobach championed tough voter identification laws in eight years as secretary of state, and in 2015, the Legislature granted his office the power to prosecute election fraud. He left office in January after losing the 2018 governor’s race.