Redistricting Meetings Being Held This Week

Kansas legislators are using this week to hold town hall meetings on redrawing the state’s political boundaries, ahead of the release of census data they need to do the job, and with Republicans facing accusations that they’re rushing the hearings.

The House and Senate redistricting committees are holding a total of 14 events across the state through Friday.

The meetings are designed to give people a chance to weigh in on what principles they want lawmakers to use in redrawing congressional, legislative, and State Board of Education districts next year.

Democrats have complained that the GOP-controlled Legislature is stifling participation by scheduling the town hall meetings over just five days.

Senate President Ty Masterson said that the meetings are merely a first step.

The U.S. Census Bureau plans to release its first data for cities and counties Thursday.

Lawmakers must make districts as equal in population as possible.