Redistricting: Next Stop Likely In Court

The Kansas House has followed the Senate’s lead, and has voted to overturn Governor Laura Kelly’s veto of the Republican-drawn redistricting map. Democrats say that court is next.

Federal judges ended up drawing Kansas’ congressional district boundaries in 2012, when the Legislature couldn’t pass any plan.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2019 that complaints about partisan gerrymandering are political matters, and not for the federal courts to settle.

Democrats will argue that the map is unacceptable for other reasons, including how it reduces the number of Black and Hispanic voters in Third District Representative Sharice Davids’ district.

Some Democrats also want to get the congressional map before the Kansas Supreme Court, which traditionally hasn’t dealt with one.

Their hope would be a ruling that the state Constitution limits or prohibits political gerrymandering.

GOP leaders repeatedly argued that Davids would have won reelection had the new lines been in place in 2020.