Regents Adopt Budget

The Kansas Board of Regents have adopted a budget proposal earmarking $643 million in state tax dollars for public universities that would restore a $35 million cut by Governor Laura Kelly in response to a dramatic revenue shortfall.

The Reflector reports that the overall state budget conversation is complicated by an anticipated $1 billion gap between current expenditures and revenue estimates that must be resolved by the governor and Legislature.

Board members discussed and rejected the idea of incorporating the budget allotment ordered by Kelly into a base request of $608 million for next fiscal year.

Kelly is responsible for presenting a new state budget to the Legislature in January applicable to a fiscal year starting July 1.

The Board of Regents’ budget would renew for 10 years a program created to produce more engineering graduates.

It would initiate a pilot program to enroll more underrepresented Latino and Black students as well as first-generation college students.

The proposal endorsed legislation that would permit K-12 school districts to pay for students to take college-level classes.

It also would establish a goal of developing in 2022 of a $13.5 million fund to deal with maintenance of campus buildings.