Rental Assistance Continues in Kansas

The Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance – or KERA – program has provided almost $52 million in relief funding to communities across the state.

KERA funds have supported almost 24,000 residents and nearly 38-hundred landlords facing financial hardship as a result of the COVID pandemic.

KERA provides rent, utility, and internet assistance to households financially impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Landlords and tenants apply via a joint application process, and payments are made directly to housing and service providers.

Once eligible KERA applicants receive assistance for any past-due amounts, they are eligible to recertify for three prospective months of rental assistance at a time, for a total of up to 15 months of support.

KERA has prioritized applicants at imminent risk of eviction and utility shutoff, halting 349 active evictions, preventing utility shutoffs for more than 1,900 households, and restoring utility services to more than 100 homes.

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