“Revenge Travel” is Booming

It’s been nicknamed “revenge travel”, and Kansans are getting into it in a big way.

“Revenge travel” is when vacationers are ready to hit the roads, rails, seas, and skies in an attempt to make up for lost time from last year, and travel agencies are seeing it in large numbers.

Shawn Steward, AAA Kansas spokesman, says that “travel advisors are seeing a trend towards extended, more lavish vacations with family and friends who they may not have been able to see for a year or more.

Travelers are upgrading their accommodations, merging two vacations into one, and, overall, taking things up a notch after having missed one or even two previously planned trips.”

Vaccinations are adding to the excitement, with over 80% of travelers surveyed by Destination Analysts saying they are more comfortable traveling once they are fully vaccinated.