Review Board: Wichita Officers Got Off Easy

Law enforcement officers in Wichita weren’t adequately punished for joking about police violence and exchanging racist comments and images in a series of text messages, an independent report found.

The Wichita Citizen’s Review Board released the 27-page report.

It details officers sharing an image of a naked African American male sitting on another African American male behind a police vehicle.

There also are negative references to Mexicans, Muslims, and gays, officers joke about violence, and share images of a Confederate flag, according to the report, which highlights issues first uncovered by The Wichita Eagle.

Created in 2018, the board has the ability to review investigative reports on police cases, but it is only an advisory group.

It cannot conduct its own investigations or recommend discipline for specific officers.

Four officers mentioned in the report resigned or retired before the group’s review, and a fifth person retired during the review.