Rodeo Bible Day Camp To Help Develop Youth Rodeo And Horsemanship Skills While Building Stronger Faith

By Frank J. Buchman
“Youth have the opportunity to learn about the sport of rodeo while developing a relationship with Jesus.”
It’s the Rodeo Bible Day Camp sponsored by the Crossroads Cowboy Church, June 23-26, at Triple C Arena in Williamstown. Location is at the crossroads of Highway 24 and Highway 59.
“My husband Rod has served as pastor here for about a year,” said Andrea Madding. “The adjacent arena serves as an outreach to the community, while this camp extends our faith building efforts to youth.”
Crossroads Cowboy Church started having tent services in 2009. “The church moved into the current building east of Perry in January 2010,” Andrea said. “While catering to those of the Western lifestyle, everybody is welcomed and encouraged to attend our services.”
Appropriately named the Triple C Arena after Crossroads Cowboy Church, the quality-constructed contiguous facilities host many horse-related events. “It is a uniquely ideal layout to bring a broad spectrum of people closer to our Lord Jesus Christ,” Andrea added.
Young people, from the ages of 10 to 19, are invited to the four day camp. Events are to include horsemanship, goat tying, breakaway roping, pole bending and barrel racing.
“Youth can come together to experience spiritual, relational and physical activities which are prevalent in traditional Bible camps,” Andrea said. “Those with cowboy and cowgirl inspirations are provided opportunity for enhancing knowledge and abilities in the Western and rodeo culture.”
Participants will bring their own horses which must have current negative Coggins test papers. “All levels of riders are welcome,” Andrea insisted.
Three meals are to be provided each day starting at 8 o’clock, and concluding at 7 o’clock. “However with the rodeo at 6 o’clock Saturday evening, we will finish up with awards about 9 o’clock,” Andrea noted.
Horses can remain at the arena throughout the camp, but there will be no overnight lodging for most campers. “An exception is being made for those from a distance who can stay in their trailers,” Andrea added.
“Highly qualified instructors are being contracted for each event,” Andrea assured. “However, such a camp cannot function without many volunteers. Those desiring to help should feel free to contact us.
“All volunteers will undergo a background check to ensure the safety for all of our campers,” she added.
In addition to event instruction, special games and activities are planned to increase enjoyment of campers. “Daily chapel services and small group devotions are planned as an integral part of the experience,” Andrea emphasized.
The camp will be limited to 10 participants in each event, making a total of 50 campers. “While we already have a number of registrations, there are still ample openings to attend,” Andrea verified. “Still, event availability is reserved on a first come, first serve basis.”
Cost is $150 per camper, with an advance deposit required. However, Andrea said, “We do offer a sibling discount, and there are a few scholarships still available for those with qualifying need.”
Contributions are also being sought. “We welcome both monetary and item donations,” Andrea said. “Dillons’ shoppers can donate every time they swipe their rewards card.
“All you have to do is sign up for the community rewards program at, and select Crossroads Rodeo Bible Camp or number 59905. This does not interfere with fuel points,” Andrea clarified.
Horsemanship participants will work on versatility, attitude and movement of rider and horse at a walk, trot and canter.
Barrel racing is a speed and agility event where riders run a cloverleaf pattern around barrels for the fastest time
Likewise, pole bending is a timed competition running and weaving through six poles twice then back across the start/finish line.
In goat tying, riders run to a staked goat, dismount, throw it to the ground and tie three feet together.
In breakaway roping, a running calf is roped by the rider and the string-tied-rope breaks away from the saddle horn.
Special awards including recognition for top event contestants are to be presented at conclusion of the Saturday night rodeo.
Pastor Rod Madding commented: “Our mission at ‘Triple C’ is three fold. To demonstrate the restoration of life that comes with God’s grace. Mentor and encourage others by living out our faith in every aspect of our lives. And to provide opportunities for building relationships within the Western heritage culture providing different activities to draw people to Jesus.
“We believe the Bible is the word of God and authority in all matters of faith and life,” Madding said.
Sunday services begin with breakfast fellowship, followed by worship service and children’s church.
Reservations and information about the Rodeo Bible Day Camp at Crossroads Cowboy Church, Perry, are available at [email protected] or 785-246-7070.

Pastor Rod and Andrea Madding will host the Rodeo Bible Day Camp, May 23-26, sponsored by the Crossroads Cowboy Church. Qualified instructors and volunteers are to work with youth 10 through 19, in five events. Gerald Madding will be mounted on his horse Blue to expand his roping skills during the Rodeo Bible Day Camp, at the intersection of Highway 24 and Highway 59, on May 23-26.