Safe Kids Kansas: When Decking the Halls, Keep Fire Risk in Mind

Even if you have kids, it’s still sometimes tough to remember exactly how vigilant you have to be to keep little ones safe around holiday decorations.

“Perhaps you have grandchildren or nieces and nephews who are suddenly running amok in your house,” said Cherie Sage with Safe Kids Kansas. “You may not be thinking about that small hook that attaches that ornament or the fact that you’ve got a candle out to make things smell really wonderful.”

Even if it is traditional, an open flame is still dangerous.

“December is the peak month for home candle fires,” said Sage. “We know lots of people like to use candles for decoration or as part of their traditions. We know two out of every five home fires that are due to decorations are started by candles.”

Sage suggests using flameless candles when you can to reduce your risk.

“Speaking of things that can generate heat, make sure that you’re not running those electrical wires, whether it’s to plug in some mechanical decoration or if its your Christmas tree lights, do not put those under any type of rug,” said Sage. “That can actually insulate and cause heat and can cause a fire.”

If you need to secure wires to avoid a trip hazard, do it with trip prevention devices that are rubberized and won’t have the same fire risk.