Salina Jet Service Will Continue

Back in March, the future didn’t look too bright for continuing jet flights at the Salina Regional Airport – but that outlook has taken a positive turn.

On March 10th, SkyWest Airlines, Incorporated, operator of United Express service at the Salina Regional Airport, filed a notice to terminate their service at 29 regional airports across the country, including the airport in Salina.

The reason for the filings was a pilot shortage.

Now, however, SkyWest has filed a Withdrawal of Termination Notice for Salina with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Daily United Express flights to Denver and Chicago will continue without interruption.

Passengers have not be in short supply – monthly and weekly passenger enplanements at the Salina Airport have set new record highs when compared to prior years.

Kent Buer, Chairman of the Salina Airport Authority board of directors said, “This is good news for the Salina region and for the airport. United Airlines has a strong following in Salina, and the service offered by SkyWest Airlines has been nothing short of exemplary.”