A 29-year-old Salina pharmacist has been sentenced to three years of probation for diverting prescription drugs containing opioids.

Kirsty Hartley was sentenced Thursday.  The sentence includes 18 months of house arrest.

U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister says Hartley’s husband, Dalton Hartley, was given the same sentence because he received the drugs from her.

Kirsty Hartley pleaded guilty to distributing a prescription painkiller outside the usual course of professional practice.  Dalton Hartley pleaded guilty acquiring controlled substances through fraud.

Kirsty Hartley worked at a CVS pharmacy.  She admitted she gave more than 21,0 tablets of hydrocodone with acetaminophen to her husband.  He consumed or traded them for marijuana.

As part of her plea, Kirsty Hartley surrendered her pharmacist’s license.

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