Scam Alert: Is Your Power Going To Be Shut Off?

Quick! Pay your power bill within a half-hour, or the power will be shut off!

Or maybe not.

That’s the scam that some are being presented with lately.

The scam report comes from Brown County, but is likely being pushed in all corners of the state, with references to the local power company.

Residents are being contacted by someone representing themselves as being with Evergy, saying that the resident is behind on their utility bill.

According to the caller, if payment is not made within 30 minutes, the electricity would be shut off at the home or apartment.

Actual Evergy representatives report that they have had many reports of this scam, and it is not coming from their company.

The best course of action?

If you receive such a call, hang up immediately.

If you feel you have been a victim of this scam, notify your local law enforcement agency immediately.