Scammers Invoke Shawnee County Judge’s Name

A familiar scam has turned up in the capital city, although it’s made appearances before all over the state.

The Shawnee County District Court has issued a release saying that they have been notified by several people there is a telephone scam using the name of Judge Mary Christopher.

The scammer making the call states they are calling from the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office, and that there is a warrant for arrest of the person called due to failure to appear for jury duty.

The caller is advised Judge Christopher has set their costs and fines, and that payment will be accepted via Venmo, Apple Pay, or Zelle.

The Sheriff’s office has been notified about this scam.

The court will not contact people by phone for missing jury duty, issue a warrant for your arrest for failing to appear for jury duty, or accept payment for court costs and fees via Venmo, Apple Pay, or Zelle.