Schmidt, Other AG’s Write FCC About Robocalls

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt joined attorneys general from 49 other states and the District of Columbia in sending a letter to the Federal Communications Commission during its public comments session on proposed changes to application processes for direct access to phone numbers.

The changes are designed to reduce the ability of robocallers to conceal their origins in an effort to continue their illegal calls.

Earlier this year, phone companies were required to implement STIR/SHAKEN – caller ID authentication technology to combat spoofing by ensuring that telephone calls originate from verified numbers.

Robocallers are now successfully evading caller ID authentication by purchasing access to legitimate phone numbers to conceal their identities.

They typically do this by providing false identifying information to the companies that have access to legitimate numbers.

The attorneys general support the FCC’s proposals to implement a more thorough application, review, and monitoring process for phone companies that request direct access to phone numbers.