School choice advocate sees Warren education plan as clear contrast to current policy

A conservative advocate for school choice is displeased with the education proposal put out recently by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren in her campaign for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

“She was proposing huge amounts of increased federal spending in her education plan, to the tune of $800 billion over a several year period,” said Lance Izumi with the Pacific Research Institute. “That actually dwarfs the amount of money that the country actually spends total on education, which is about $700 billion.”

It’s important to note that those spending increases can’t come in through solely executive action.

“Most of it would have to be done through Congress,” said Izumi. “If you’re going to increase federal spending, let’s say to the amount that Elizabeth Warren wants, that $800 billion that I mentioned, that has to go through a Congressional appropriations process.”

It’s extremely rare for any full budget to make it through Congress in a given year. Nevertheless, Izumi sees current policy under the Trump administration as compared to any of the potential Democratic administrations as a clear choice.

“I think that if you look at where President Trump and his administration have come down on education, they are much more in favor of giving parents and students greater freedom of choices in
their education alternatives,” said Izumi. “You look at Elizabeth Warren’s plan, for example and you find that it’s a much more centralized type of plan.”

In 2016-17, Izumi served as a member of President Donald Trump’s transition Agency Action Team for education policy.