Schools Debating Mask Mandates Again

One Kansas school district has reimposed a mask mandate and another eased up on their requirements during a meeting so contentious that the audience was removed.

In the Manhattan-Ogden district, the school board voted to bring back a districtwide mask mandate, changing a policy that had been in place since November 1st that made masks optional for high schoolers.

The board will review the decision early next month.

Meanwhile, the board for the 27,000-student Shawnee Mission school district narrowly voted to allow a mask-optional policy to take effect for middle- and high-schoolers.

The crowd interrupted so frequently that the board president twice shut the meeting down before kicking out the audience.

Superintendent Michelle Hubbard said the district started the academic year 250 employees short, and has struggled to find enough bus drivers, food service workers, and substitute teachers.