Schultz says independent can win, Kansas would be in play if he’s a Presidential candidate

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is in Kansas this week as part of exploring a potential 2020 Presidential run.

“An independent can win,” said Schultz. “There is a pathway to 270. If you take a state like Kansas that has been Republican since 1964, this state, like many, if I enter the race, will be open. Democrats and Republicans, for the first time, their vote and their voice will matter. I go to Washington, if I am fortunate enough to be elected President as an independent, I’m not an enemy of the Democrat or Republican Party. I will work with both parties. I’ll have a bipartisan Cabinet.”

Schultz wants that bipartisanship to extend to judicial nominations.

“I think this is a time for transformation with regard to the Supreme Court,” said Schultz. “Transformation, to me, means
a true, bipartisan approach where you actually could get two-thirds of the Senate voting, so that the ideology of the person entering the Supreme Court would not be linked to a party or partisan issue. I think it is a terrible situation where the President of the United States is now trying to control the Fed. The Fed and the Supreme Court should be above the executive branch, representing the American people.”

Schultz will make a final decision on his candidacy this summer.