The Kelly-Rogers inauguration celebration will begin with service projects this weekend.

“We’ve got days of service planned in about a dozen cities, a dozen different events around the state,” said Lt. Governor-elect Lynn Rogers. “There’s probably more as we speak. People are organizing them every day. We wanted to kind of start throughout the state and have everybody participate in some way. Each community has kind of decided what they want to do. We’re also just encouraging, if you can’t participate in those to do whatever else you can. We want Kansans to come together this weekend.”

Volunteering is what got Lynn Rogers involved in what has culminated in his current office.

“That’s really how I started what I call my public career,” said Rogers. “I went to my first parent-teacher organization meeting in my kids’ little grade school and volunteered to help organize our school auction in our neighborhood community in Riverside in Wichita.”

Rogers will be spending the majority of his time as Lt. Governor working on rural issues.

“We’ve got to fix our problems going forward,” said Rogers. “We’re going to have to do that together. We may not always agree on how to get there, but we’ve got to have the ability to talk. We hope the Office of Rural Prosperity will help us focus and shine attention on rural Kansas.”

Rogers said it’s important that rural Kansas has a voice at the table on state issues. For more information on the weekend of service activities, check out the Kelly for Governor Facebook page for the latest list of events.