Shawnee County COVID-19 Restrictions Include Mandatory Masks

Governor Laura Kelly is moving the State from Phase 1.5 to Phase 2 of reopening on Friday.

Like her previous orders, local governmental units have the authority to add further requirements to the rules for businesses.

This has led to a variety of regulations across the state.

For example, Shawnee County began requiring – not just encouraging – widespread face mask usage this week.

In retail stores, all employees are required to wear a face mask.

Hand sanitizer must be available throughout the store, and if there are shopping carts, employees must sanitize them before customers use them.

Restaurant workers must all wear face masks, and sanitize their hands between serving different tables.

Self-service of food or drinks, such as salad bars or drink stations, are not allowed.

Barbers, beauty salons, and other personal services are required to have masks on both the employee and the customer.

The use of playground equipment at Parks and Recreation locations is prohibited.

The entire order can be found here.