Shawnee County Schools Closed for two weeks starting Monday

All schools in the Shawnee County area will be closed for the next two weeks.

According to a Shawnee County Health Department news release, Dr. Gianfranco Pezzino, Shawnee County Health Officer, has ordered that all Shawnee County School Districts suspend classroom and extracurricular activities for two weeks, starting on Monday, March 16 and going until March 29th, as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19.

The suggested two-week period is the estimated maximum incubation period for the virus.

The numbers of children returning from Spring Break vacations, both domestic and abroad, prompted the Shawnee County Health Department to decide that “a large number of new infections within a short window of time could result from this situation and would potentially cause a large increase of cases in our community and put a strain on the ability of our public health and healthcare infrastructure to respond adequately.”

At the end of the two-week period, public health and school officials will reevaluate the situation.