Shift In COVID-19 Vaccination Approach

The mass vaccination events have nearly vanished in Kansas, as state and county health officials move to a small-scale approach.

The state has seven trailers allowing it to set up clinics at remote sites.

Health departments in Johnson and Wyandotte counties have done home inoculation visits for months.

Geary County’s health department brings vaccinations to employers, and Sedgwick County, home to Wichita, has 17 mobile clinics scheduled this month, including nine at churches and three at its zoo.

Vaccinations in Kansas slowed significantly last month, according to the state Department of Health and Environment.

About 9,600 shots a day were administered in May, while the average for April was over 22,000 per day.

The state health department has said reaching herd immunity requires 75% to 80% of the population to have COVID-19 antibodies, either from vaccinations or previous infections.

The state reports that 42.3% of its 2.9 million residents have received at least one vaccine shot.

Reported COVID-19 cases equaled 10.8% of the population.