Single-Family Homes Big in Kansas

Early on in the pandemic, many families in densely populated urban areas set out for more spacious homes in rural or suburban areas.

As more workplaces adopted permanent work-from-home possibilities, some workers made the move permanent, preferring space and affordability over proximity to the workplace…and Kansas is in a good place for those folks.

The website Construction Coverage notes that at ages 25 to 40, Millennials are currently in their peak years for starting or growing a family, and are seeking more spacious homes to accommodate that.

However, apartments and multi-family construction have been presented as more efficient, affordable, and sustainable options.

As a result, the share of new single-family building permits dropped from nearly 80% in 2005 to less than 60% ten years later.

Nationally, 68.4% of all U.S. housing units are single-family.

New York has only 46.6% single-family homes.

Kansas, though, is tied with Indiana, with 78.5% single-family homes.