Small Town Wins First Round In Court VS BP

Residents of a small city in southeast Kansas may continue a lawsuit that claims energy utility BP gouged them with price increases for natural gas during freezing weather last year, a judge has ruled.

A Crawford County judge dismissed a motion by the British multinational oil and gas company to end the lawsuit, and said residents of the town have the right to sue BP, The Wichita Eagle reported.

Mulberry is contesting about $51,000 of a natural gas bill it received last February.

Mulberry residents buy their gas through their city utility.

The lawsuit alleges that BP violated the anti-profiteering section of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act that limits price increases on consumer goods to 25% during emergencies.

Mulberry’s gas cost on February 9, 2021, was $2.98 per million British Thermal Units.

The price rose to $329.60 per million BTU from February 13 to February 16, when the city stopped buying gas.