Some Kansas Counties Turning Down Vaccine Shipments

Some Kansas counties are rejecting COVID-19 vaccine shipments or reducing their orders because of decreased demand, worrying health officials who say mass vaccinations are the only path to a return to normalcy.

Providers are beginning to run out of vaccine seekers, even though only about 36% of Kansas residents have been immunized.

Sixty out of several hundred health departments, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics that are administering vaccines asked for a pause in shipments this week, said Marci Nielsen, a special advisor to Governor Laura Kelly.

She said the results of a new survey found that the group that is the most hesitant in Kansas skews younger, female, less educated, lower income, and slightly more rural than urban.

She said the research shows that older Kansans want to get information from their primary care providers.

Younger residents are more swayed by friends and relatives who get vaccinated without having any adverse effects.