Sports Gambling Coming To Kansas

Kansas legislators have given final approval to a bill that authorizes betting on sporting events, with most of the state’s revenues from it going to efforts to lure the Missouri-based Kansas City Chiefs to the Kansas side of the metropolitan area.

The Senate voted 21-13, with six GOP senators abstaining, to approve the sports betting bill.

The House passed the measure, 73-49, so it goes next to Governor Laura Kelly, who is expected to sign it.

The measure would allow people in the state to use cellphone or computer apps to bet on sporting events, and to place bets at state-owned casinos or up to 50 other locations chosen by each of the four casinos.

The state would impose a 10% tax on each bet.

The bill says that 80% of the revenues would go into a fund to provide incentives for professional sports teams to come to Kansas.

The teams could include the Chiefs, the Royals, or pro basketball or hockey teams.