Spring Storm Scammers Coming Soon

With spring comes severe weather, and damages to homes, particularly to the roof.

That could be the start of some long-term trouble.

When the storms hit, it is common for traveling contractors to roll into a damaged town looking to make a quick buck.

To help combat this, the Legislature in 2013 passed a law requiring roofing contractors to register with the attorney general’s office.

It’s important to make sure the roofing contractor you use is properly registered.

Ask the roofer for their roofing registration certificate.

Go to InYourCornerKansas.org to check the current registration list to make sure the contractor is in good standing.

Insist on a contract that states exactly what work will be done, the quality of materials that will be used, warranties, timetables, the names of any subcontractors, the total price of the job, and the schedule of payments.