State Brings In More Cash Than Expected…Again

Kansas’ September total tax receipts were $876.5 million.

Those collections are $162.2 million, or 22.7% more than the estimate, and a growth of 20.2%, or $147.6 million, from last September.

Individual income tax collections were up 14.6% for the month, with $406.8 million dollars collected.

That is $48.2 million dollars, or 13.4%, more than the same month last year.

September corporate income tax receipts were 142.1%, more than the estimate, at $85.3 million dollars.

Retail sales tax collections were 7.2%, or $225.2 million dollars, more than the estimate.

Those collections are 15.1%, or $29.6 million dollars, more than last September.

Compensating use tax collections were 12.5%, $6.7 million dollars more than the estimate.