The top Democrat in the Kansas House has refused to give an incoming lawmaker any committee assignments over issues that include an anti-stalking court order filed against him after he won his seat.

Minority Leader Tom Sawyer’s action is a sign that he and fellow Democrats plan to oust Representative-elect Aaron Coleman of Kansas City, Kansas, once the Legislature convenes its next annual 90-day session on January 11th.

The 20-year-old Coleman narrowly ousted a veteran lawmaker in the Democratic primary even after admitting that he had circulated revenge porn as a middle school-aged boy.

At least two other cases in which he was accused of threatening or abusing girls or young women came to light.

Sawyer’s refusal to assign Coleman to any committees was first reported by the Sunflower State Journal.

Coleman has questioned whether he can be expelled for conduct that occurred before he takes his seat.

His supporters on social media have portrayed his critics within the party as “corporate” Democrats.