State Finance Council Distributes Millions

The State Finance Council has approved $60 million to expand broadband access, $3.9 million in reimbursements to state agencies for COVID-19 related operational expenses, and up to $5 million for consulting services for meeting accounting and compliance requirements of the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The SPARK task force recommended these proposals to SFC for approval.

All of the grants will be funded through the CRF.

The connectivity proposal featured $50 million for improving broadband infrastructure and $10 million for partnerships with internet service providers to serve low-income populations.

On July 29, SFC approved $254 million funding for public health, education, and economic development.

That allocation – combined with today’s approvals for connectivity, remaining FY 20 state agency reimbursements and the consulting contract for the Recovery Office – will complete the round two funding of the CRF.

There will be approximately $290 million of CRF funding remaining for round three.

Previously, $400 million was allocated to Kansas counties in round one.