State Finance Council Finally Passses Certificates of Indebtedness

Thursday, Republicans on the State Finance Council sought to delay approval of certificates of indebtedness, saying they wanted to study the plan more.

The Kansas Democratic Party called that “petty” and accused the Republicans of obstructing help for Kansans.

After the Thursday meeting, Governor Laura Kelly issued a news release accusing the Republicans of playing politics, saying the certificates were needed to fund critical services.

Senate President, Republican Susan Wagle, said that Kelly was passing the buck to the legislature.

Kelly then called another meeting for Friday.

At that meeting, both Kelly and Republican members of the Finance Council accused one another of playing politics with the process.

The certificates of indebtedness are needed to manage cash flow as the state enters a new fiscal year next week.

After about a half-hour of criticism, the Finance Council approved the $900 million inter-governmental loan.

The lone “no” vote came from Wagle.