State Looks to Make EBT Card Good Online

The United States Department of Agriculture has approved the Kansas Department for Children and Families – or DCF – proposal to offer food assistance recipients the option of purchasing groceries online using a Kansas Benefits Card, also known as an EBT card.

DCF is working with its EBT partners to test the new system to ensure there are no disruptions to the normal EBT transaction process.

The agency expects testing to be done during the summer, with full implementation of online purchasing expected in September.

In addition, the agency will announce partner vendors closer to implementation.

Kansas currently has more than 185,000 individuals who receive food assistance benefits totaling $265 million annually.

“We know the pandemic has made it difficult for those receiving food assistance to travel to grocery stores to purchase food,” DCF Secretary Laura Howard said. “This new online purchasing program provides those families the flexibility to safely purchase groceries online.”