State Representative Coleman Arrested Again

Democratic state representative Aaron Coleman is in trouble again, this time for a DUI charge.

According to Douglas County Sheriff’s Department records, Coleman was arrested one o’clock Saturday morning near mile marker 203 on Interstate 70.

He was charged with “Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs” – a misdemeanor – and jailed.

About one-thirty Saturday afternoon, his $250 bond was paid, and he was released.

Political reaction was swift.

House Democratic Leader Tom Sawyer tweeted about Colman, “For the sake of the state of Kansas, his constituents, and himself, he should resign and concentrate on getting the help he badly needs.”

Democratic Governor Laura Kelly also released a statement, saying that Coleman is “not fit to serve in the Kansas House of Representatives and that his continued presence in the Legislature is a disservice to his constituents.”

After calling for his resignation, she said that if Coleman does not resign, the Legislature should remove him from office.

Coleman had been arrested in October, and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.